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Mission, Vision, Values

Character Always!

Our living Credo

We believe our first responsibility is to our students.

We are also responsible to our parents, staff and the communities who benefit from the world-class education we provide.

We will constantly strive to offer leadership in our classrooms and communities to help our students achieve academic, physical, social and moral excellence. We are not just preparing students for academic success, we are preparing the stewards of our future so our communities may flourish and prosper.

We are responsible to our students. We will plan strategically for their successes and to reach our long-term goal of a 90 per cent graduation rate. We will offer a variety of pathways to our students so that they achieve their goals and attain personal fulfillment. We will continue to prepare our youth for post-secondary education, trades, apprenticeships, and work-world programs. We will honour students’ abilities. We will present a climate in which all students have the opportunity to reach their true potential. We understand that education is a lifelong journey and will partner with other agencies in our communities to offer programs that nurture minds through all stages of life. As an organization, we will make data-based decisions, always seeking new and innovative ways to help our students attain their goals.

We are responsible to the parents and guardians in our school system. We vow to be good partners and to support families in their children’s growth and development. We encourage their participation in the daily life of our schools. We will operate on their behalf in a transparent manner and make the best use of the resources they have given us. We will act with character to inspire a sense of fairness, caring, compassion and tolerance in everything we do. We also respect the sanctity of the family, acknowledging that the development of good character begins in the home. We will strive to communicate Board decisions to parents through partnerships and the use of available technologies.

We are responsible to our employees. Every staff member will be considered as an individual and be provided the respect and dignity which they warrant. We believe in teamwork and in providing an environment that promotes the sharing of best practices. We observe hiring practices that will recruit and retain dedicated and caring individuals who will help our students’ blossom into caring and dedicated adults. We encourage daily professional learning for our employees through in-house training and other educational opportunities. There must be equal opportunity for employment, development, and advancement for qualified staff and their

Compensation must be fair and adequate. We must provide competent management and all actions must be just and ethical. We must also be mindful of our employees as whole people, allowing them freedom to care for the physical, mental and emotional needs of both themselves and their families.

We are responsible to the communities we serve. We pledge to be responsive both in our programming and in the resources we provide. We will work with local partners to strengthen our communities’ economic base by providing students with skills required by business and industry. We will work with community agencies to promote economic development. We will provide facilities that are clean, safe and inviting as focal points of community life, responsive to the academic, athletic, artistic, and social needs of area residents. We will assist our local partners to provide the necessary services that enhance community life.

We will strive to promote environmental awareness among our staff, students and within the community. We realize we have only one world and it is incumbent upon us to help preserve it for future generations. Through our operations and educational programs we will promote energy conservation, respect for nature, reduction of waste, and an overall philosophy of environmental stewardship to ensure sustainability. At the Upper Canada District School Board, education is about developing the head and the heart, choosing character over convenience, perseverance over quitting, and resilience over defeat. It is about showing integrity and being stewards of community success. It is about being the school board of choice.

We believe in the pursuit of learning while building a strong sense of caring and respect for all.

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